Fun, Fuzz and Fundraising are our Business

Ferret Racing Fundraiser

Ferret Racing makes a very different fun idea for fundraising for your school, football team, group or charity. Inside or out we will give you a great day or night people will be talking about for years to come

As a qualified fundraiser I have many years of experience fundraising and can ensure you get the most out of the event.

We will provide

  • At least 6 races (8 if the ferrets are up for it)
  • Ferret racing track
  • Full tote services
  • Race card master for you to use
  • Compare
  • Help support and guidance on how to run the night


You need to provide

  • People to attend the evening
  • Race sponsors
  • Ferrets sponsors
  • 6 prizes for the winning owners
  • Auction / raffle prizes if wanted

Ferret Racing nights are a fun and different way to raise funds, you don’t need a betting licence or permits, just a suitable venue and some excitied punters, we will do the rest

For details contact or call me on 07960888001