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Ferret Racing as an attraction

Bear Behind Events Fuzz Fest Ferret Racing Team is also available to come to you as an attraction for your business

We have already doneracing 7

  • Country Fairs
  • Village Fêtes
  • Childrens Farms
  • Country Houses
  • Childrens Hospitals
  • RSPCA Animal Sanctuaries
  • Shopping outlets
  • Staff Away Days
  • The list is endless….

We can bring the Ferrets for the day, run some races and let people meet and greet our ferrets, posing for photos and talking all things Ferrets.

we also doshort arena shows and demonstrations

We are passionate about spreading the word about ferrets and showing people that they make great pets and dispelling some of the old myths about them.

We support South Cheshire Ferret Rescue and do most of their PR and Promotional work, we attend many Ferret Shows and often judge at shows, so we have a good working knowledge of all things Ferrets

Our Ferrets are well handled and used to meeting people, so it’s a great addition to your line up and a unique promotional idea

For details contact or call me on 07960888001